Creating art, content and new businesses
I'm a Creative focused on shaping the first years of a brand and authentic content that sells.
Content creator, world traveler, idea developer; Seppi lives his life to extremes. Born in Markt Indersdorf, Germany, Seppi’s affection for digital content from an early age made him a self-starter with a real eye for perfection. With several years of experience, more than a few hundred delivered videos and countless other life lessons under his belt, his sights are set. Seppi’s life is all about prototyping, progress, family, and friends.
More than 10 years experience
Working for some of the world’s leading brands
Specialised in producing authentic content
Fields of work
For years this was an easy question. I'm a Filmmaker. Now it's getting more complicated as I still work in the film industry but also got my fingertips into the world of Performance Marketing, Art and other areas.