Creating art, content, new concepts and businesses
I'm a Creative focused on shaping the first years of a brand, authentic content that sells and mental health with a strong sense for zeitgeist.
My 2019 Showreel. Going all the way back, to where it all started. It’s been an incredible journey so far, with a million ups and downs and innumerous life lessons.
More than 10 years experience
Working for some of the world’s leading brands
Specialized in producing authentic content
Fields of work
For years this was an easy question. I'm a Filmmaker. Now it's getting more complicated as I still work in the film industry but also got my fingertips into the world of Performance Marketing, Art and other areas.
Content Creation
Specialized in producing authentic content for some of the worlds leading brands.
A whole different world I entered in 2020 that inspires me in so many different ways.
Performance Marketing
Thru my years in the filmmaking industry I got to listen a lot to the needs of Campaign directors and educated myself a ton within the world of marketing.
Want to combine all my skills with a team of professionals?
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What caught my eye was the artistic view that he has, the way he works with the light, the fact that his stuff is color graded.